The largest swimming pools exhibition in Europe
There are many reasons to choose Starpool.
The relaxation level can be measured - through your own smile.
Starpool fiberglass pool – a swimming pool that has all that you need.
Brand Starpool belongs to PoolsFactory Group and since years amazes the world with their outstanding capabilities.

Starpool was established in 1997 starting its activity from the production of pools made form laminate so called polyester pools. The experience that we were able to obtain over the years of our activity has resulted in the fact that today we are the largest pool manufacturer in Central and Eastern Europe. Our factories have an area of 19 740m² of production and storage halls and almost 178 500m² plot which allows us to produce 3,000 pools a year. Years of work and experience have taught us to work using the highest quality materials and only the best machines available on the market to produce our swimming pools. The numerous certificates received from the companies with which we are cooperating since many years are the proof of the highest quality of our services. Best Quality knows no compromise, therefore Starpool does not allow himself to them in the production of their pools.

We are constantly working to meet the expectations of all our customers and therefore, we are still expanding our offer with newer forms and sizes of our pools. Through the combination of the best technology solutions in the production process of our pools we are able to satisfy every, even the most demanding customer. However, the novelties aren’t introduced only on that, what is visible to the eye. An excellent example is using of Carbon-Aramid mats in the production of our pools. As a very few swimming pool manufacturers in the world we use this technology in the production and that makes our products are the most resistant pools in the world. Creating such products was a matter of honor for us.

We sell our swimming pools not only on the Polish market. 98% of sale is the export to throughout all markets in Europe and beyond it. This fact shows how much trust our customers have to us all over the world.

The biggest polyester swimming pool manufacturer in Europe